Collaborating MD for Telemedicine Visits - Lab Orders & Chart Review- TN

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  • May 02, 2022
Physician Family Medicine Internal Medicine

Job Description

About the company:

Vault Health has been at the forefront of men’s health, at-home diagnostic testing, COVID-19 vaccination delivery and clinical trials work nationally via in-person and virtual care. Vault Medical Group includes clinicians licensed in many states, most of whom are APC’s (NP’s and PA’s) who provide telehealth-based and in-person clinical care. 

Vault Health is expanding the range of services it will be providing through these mid-level practitioners. 

The opportunity:

APC’s require contracts with a supervising or collaborating physician in many states. We are looking for physicians to act as supervising MD/DO’s in accordance with state medical board rules and with the goal of providing excellent clinical care. 

A number of states require supervising / collaborating physicians to review charts of the NPs or PAs they supervise. Some states also require in-person meetings on a regular cadence between the supervising physician and the supervisee. 

In addition, there may be opportunities for the supervising physician to provide patient care directly to patients or to participate in the development of care protocols of the Vault Medical Group. 

To provide the best possible care and meet the most stringent requirements, Vault Medical Group requires that supervising / collaborating physicians review the charts of all APCs within the practice, regardless of state. The standard will be as follows.

Compliance Standard:

  • 10% of all patients seen by an APC in a state where they have a supervising physician will have the chart note / visit reviewed and note signed on a monthly basis by the identified supervising physician for that APC in that state. This will include:
    • 100% of all charts completed by an APC where they have prescribed a controlled substance 
    • 100% of all patients who have had an adverse reaction to Vault treatments and who were seen by an APC will have the visit / chart note reviewed and signed within 30 days by the identified supervising physician for that APC in that state.
    • Other charts selected at random from visits seen the prior month in order to achieve the total of 10% of all patients seen by the APC the prior month

Specific duties:

  1. Review charts 
    1. Reviewing patient visits by reviewing chart notes in accordance with above standard
    2. Communicating with APCs on an as-needed basis to clarify care provided
    3. Co-signing the note in the EMR for all patient visits reviewed, adding comments as appropriate
  1. Discussing patients with APC: 
    1. Supervising physician will discuss specific patient cases as requested by APC or as required by that specific state. 
      1. Some states require a synchronous discussion and meeting between the APC and the supervising physician on a regular basis. If this is the case, the supervising physician will be informed of the required cadence for these meetings and the formats allowable for such meetings (in-person vs. telephone vs. video teleconference)
  1. Be available as needed for clinical discussions
    1. The supervising physician will be available to the APC to discuss patients on an as needed basis, within a reasonable period of time.   
    1. Cosign prescriptions
      1. Some states may require co-signature for specific prescriptions, such as  those for controlled substances.
  • Direct clinical care via telehealth as needed 
    1. Review patient files live via video conference
    2. Manage Lab Orders and Chart Review
    3. Message patients as needed within the app
    4. Prescribe medications and treatments through our platform
    5. Communicate information to patients on their treatment pathway

Basic Qualifications:

M.D. or D.O. degree

Holds a valid and current state license in the same state as the APC(s) that are supervised

Up-to-date DEA licensure in the state

Board certification in a specialty commensurate with clinical lines of service being provided (generally Internal Medicine or Family Practice preferred)

Experience utilizing electronic medical records