Telemed Neurologist

  • Synapticure
  • Remote
  • Dec 11, 2022
Physician Neurology

Job Description

Synapticure, a venture-backed startup, is recruiting neurologists to provide clinical care to ALS patients through our affiliate telemedicine platform, CareND.  Synapticure aims to provide every ALS patient end-to-end clinical care and treatment, using our novel telemedicine platform in partnership with traditional brick and mortar ALS clinics and physicians, to improve care for all patients and guide them through their entire care journey. We are devoted to helping patients, from guidance on care and insurance to providing the full spectrum of investigational and clinical testing to improve outcomes. We are committed to using this information to provide the patient and the clinician a clear understanding of the patient’s unique subtype of ALS and decision making support for clinical trials or therapies that are based on that subtype.
The telemedicine neurologist will be responsible for synchronous video / voice and asynchronous communications with ALS patients and their caregivers. The neurologist will provide care, file review and testing as defined as medically appropriate by the physician ownership and support each patient through their care journey. Our team will care for patients across the United States and will work closely with any other treating physicians for each patient, including ALS clinics, other neurologists and primary care physicians.

What we Offer

    • Flexible timing: We are looking for moonlighting physicians to be a part of the first ever telemedicine company focused on ALS
    • Top of market pay: up to $150/hr
    • Payment for time, not just service: We guarantee a minimum payment based on hours, regardless of patient volume seen, so that we are focused on care quality and outcomes
    • Licensing: Our licensing program covers the costs of additional state licenses for eligible neurologists on our care team
    • Training / Guidance: Teleneurologists will work with and learn from leaders in the ALS field, neurology and beyond, helping them gain experience in delivering state of art care, testing and clinical trials 

Potential Responsibilites

    • Discussing and reviewing patients' medical history, symptoms, and current medications
    • Establish care with patient under relevant telemedicine laws
    • Determine through medical history review and through virtual visit if additional testing may be necessary to support the confirmation of a diagnosis, and provide referrals and orders to support such testing and care
    • Coordinate with the patient's ALS clinician or neurologist / PCP to ensure complete diagnostic and prognostic testing, as well as medical record collections, trial access and treatment / care recommendations and continuity 
    • Provide ongoing medical support to patients and their caregivers, both independently and/or in sync with their care teams
    • Review the current treatment plans to the patient and identify, per protocols defined by the physician owner, if additional treatment is or could be relevant for the patient
    • Prescribing various diagnostic tests to aid in providing accurate diagnoses
    • Analyzing diagnostic test results and explaining them to patients
    • Prescribing suitable medications to patients and providing proper dosage and administration instructions
    • Maintaining accurate records of patients' contact details, medical history, prescribed medications, allergies, diagnoses, and progress
    • Assisting patients in managing chronic health conditions


    • Passionate about the intersection of technology, health care delivery and democratizing access to quality care for all patients
    • Board certified neurologist 
    • License to practice medicine, and a willingness to obtain additional state medical licenses.
    • Open to fellows in the midst of subspecialty fellowship training 
    • Effective communication skills across diverse constituents; executives, medical staff,  office staff, technology specialists, and government organizations 
    • Entrepreneurial-minded with a noticeable enthusiasm for the business model, while exhibiting strong integrity and commitment to exercising independent medical judgment and quality of care
    • Licensure and Credentialing in multiple states is a plus
If the above describes a company you would like to meet, we would welcome getting to know you!