Licensed Therapist, Part-Time

  • Meru Health
  • Remote
  • Nov 13, 2021
Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Job Description

Working with Meru Health as a Licensed Remote Therapist with 3+ years post-licensure experience & based in the United States, you will be part of a mission to make mental health care more holistic, effective, accessible, and outcome-driven. Watch this brief 1-minute animation to learn how you can get involved and continue to help us revolutionize the standard of mental healthcare globally.



  1. Community, Company Culture & Nationwide Therapist Connections
  2. Ability to Treat the Whole Person w/ Support. They are able to supplement their current work with a holistic, evidence-based approach that is not only more accessible than traditional psychotherapy but also integrative, measurable and scalable
  3. Accessibility & Decrease in Burnout. They’re able to help more people (4x as many in a ¼ of the amount of time) while alleviating their own burnout
  4. Research-backed, Quality Care. They're tired of our current broken mental health system that not only exploits therapists financially but also prevents people from accessing and receiving convenient, effective & quality care
  5. Purpose. They want to be part of something greater that is revolutionizing the standard of mental healthcare across the globe


  • Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence alongside Compassion, Kindness, Inclusion, Transparency, Teamwork andHonesty: your actions reflect these qualities with every participant and human interaction you have - face to face and digitally
  • Passion for making mental healthcare more accessible, inclusive, innovative, measurable and effective
  • Humility with a competitive spirit and growth mindset: you have the courage and willingness to exercise vulnerability for the purpose of personal and professional growth
  • Ownership: you are resourceful and when you see a need, you take initiative 
  • Integrity: your actions reflect your values regardless of whether there’s an audience
  • Resilience: you have the desire and ability to persevere in the midst of constant uncertainty, change and potential discomfort
  • Courage & Compassion & Inclusion: you have a desire and willingness to try new things individually and with others to reach new heights while exercising inclusion, diversity of thought and compassion 
  • High Impact Thinking: you think critically and creatively, providing us with constructive feedback that helps us further grow and gain perspective 


  • Facilitating intake calls via Zoom video Monday - Friday to assess appropriateness for the program, diagnose, establish and build rapport and set treatment goals
  • Tracking participant progress daily, Monday-Friday, to ensure quality and continuity of care delivery  
  • Managing participant correspondence  Monday-Friday, and engaging with participants to provide clinical support and motivation via chat-based messaging
  •  Working collaboratively with our care team, other therapists, founders, and health care professionals to foster effectiveness, high levels of engagement, growth, and global change
  • Keeping appropriate records as dictated by ethical and legal standards
  • Providing feedback to the product team to improve our service delivery and participant care
  • Adding value to the team by modeling inclusion, cultural competence and humility, transparency, mindfulness, integrity, courage, and passion
  • Openness to expanding your licensure footprint by becoming licensed in new states


  • Doctoral or Master’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy or another relevant field
  • 3+ years of post-licensure counseling/clinical experience and are physically based in the United States 
  • With the Adult Population: experience with Assessment, Evaluation and proven competency with the Diagnostic Criteria within the DSM 5 
  • Experience with evidence-based treatment modalities inclusive of Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing & CBT or 3rd wave treatments
  • Willing to provide up to a 10 hours/week minimum time commitment to start with the desire to grow
  • Cultural Competence & Cultural Humility: provide mental health care to participants from diverse backgrounds, including race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity and culture   
  • Demonstrate compassion, attunement and an approach rooted in mindfulness
  • Tech-savvy & Willing to Learn New Platforms: familiarity with the latest remote working tools and a 'can-do' attitude when it comes to learning new technologies 
  • Adaptability, flexibility, proactivity, agility, solutions-oriented & resourcefulness when it comes to navigating change and/or uncertainty 


  • Like our treatment model, our compensation structure is non-traditional. It backs our philosophy that therapists deserve to be paid on their merit, not based on the letters behind their name or their tenure. Transparency is one of our core values and, of course, we will thoroughly review all details during the first round of interviews to ensure full clarity.
  • All of our employees—even part-timers—receive stock options, which is unconventional in itself
  • Malpractice insurance coverage: $1 million claim / $3 million aggregate
  • Medical/Dental/Vision are only available for therapists working Full Time


  • Ability to expand your reach as a therapist and be part of the foundation building of our Therapist team
  • Flexible working schedule in an organization that promotes work-life balance and self-care
  • Team support when you need coverage for time off
  • Access to a community of brilliant, kind, compassionate, driven, and humble clinicians and colleagues
  • Weekly Therapist Circle fostering a culture of community, feedback, transparency, professional development, learning, and innovation 
  • Consultation groups with other colleagues to discuss cases
  • Ability to attend trainings hosted by Meru that will equip you to further develop your skills as a Meru Therapist
  • Attend hosted local company off-sites/get-togethers (post-COVID19, of course)

More About Meru Health
Meru Health is growing fast to meet the rapidly increasing demand for mental health services. We partner with healthcare organizations, large employers, and insurance companies who understand the need to offer comprehensive mental health care to members or employees and meet challenges so many people face trying to access mental health care services.

As one of our Remote Therapists, you will be empowering people with a scalable and effective treatment solution. Our solution is a comprehensive tool for participants (the name we use for patients) to manage their burnout, depression, and anxiety symptoms. Our 12-week mobile treatment program includes mindfulness and CBT practices, HRV Biofeedback, sleep medicine, nutritional psychiatry, and daily remote therapist support on weekdays. We've proven the efficacy of our approach in 5 peer-reviewed studies, and we have 9 additional papers currently under peer-review.

From an organizational perspective, Meru is a flat and non-hierarchical company with Scandinavian/Nordic roots and with a high degree of independence and trust. This means that we look for highly self-driven and entrepreneurial people to join our team. This also means we expect a lot and also give a lot of freedom and room for creativity.