Remote ACO Medical Director (Based in NJ)

  • Vytalize Health
  • Remote
  • Oct 19, 2021
Physician Any Specialty

Job Description

Position Title: Value-Based Physician Leader / ACO Medical Director

Job Type: Full-time

Salary range: $200K - $260K + Stock Options + Bonuses

About Our Company

We are a highly driven, forward thinking, hard-working, and well-funded team of dreamers who believe the future of healthcare is proactive, data-driven, and primary care-led. We are driving the transformation of healthcare from the bottom up by partnering with independent PCPs and helping them take charge of bringing a new care delivery philosophy to the patients that need it the most.

We are doing this with our feet on the ground and in true partnership with primary care doctors. We bring simple / smart technology, bold financial incentives, and a complete clinical support team to help manage complex patients at the office, remotely, and at home.

It’s working. We are now the fastest growing value-based care provider in the country spanning 14 states and more than 1,000 PCPs.

Job Summary

The role involves managing a medical unit and working with roughly 50 independent PCPs to manage the total cost of care, quality, and patient experience for 10,000 Medicare patients and be responsible for roughly $100M in healthcare spending.

The goal is to increase access to care, enhance the patient experience, strengthen the relationship between PCPs and patients, and to eliminate wasteful and expensive healthcare spending – i.e., improve outcomes and lower costs.

Your title would be ACO Medical Director, and you would be the lead physician working with primary care practices and supporting their performance by bringing them data, educating them, and coordinating with them through weekly meetings. You would have a team of 15-20 clinicians and operations associates to implement the strategies you develop along with the PCPs.

You will coordinate with the data science, technology, and network development teams to coordinate care across the continuum to bring the latest digital and life science technology to the patient population.

Should you join our team, you will enjoy a flexible, yet fast-paced work environment; great benefits including working from home, and substantial stock options (equity / ownership) to be a partner in the firm’s growth.

Job Details

By the numbers:

  • Responsible for a medical unit of 50 independent primary care practices.
  • Oversee health management of 10,000 Medicare patients.
  • Oversee a team of 15-20 clinicians and operations associates.
  • Responsible for $100M in total cost of care, with the goal of generating savings.
  • Develop a population health management plan for the medical unit
  • Responsible for developing strategies for each practice within the medical unit in coordination with the data science team
  • Coordinate implementation of the population health management plan with the PCPs
  • Oversee home-based care for high risk and homebound patients
  • Responsible for the Profit and Loss (P&L) of the medical unit
  • Implement, manage and oversee quality and utilization programs for the ACO.
  • Monitor the ACO’s quality goals and other KPIs and ensure the timely reporting of metrics.
  • Responsible for the management of the overall utilization rates and shall aim to reduce unnecessary healthcare spending.
  • May be involved in reviewing and providing feedback on digital health and other technologies that are designed to enhance the ACO’s performance and improve the delivery of patient-centered and integrated medical care.
  • Participate in the ACO’s efforts to generate new workflow process ideas and assist in various business development activities that are reasonably related to ACO’s participation in value-based care models, including partnership development and creation of knowledge management capabilities.
  • Other non-medical administrative services as may be reasonably assigned to Physician by the ACO and that are customarily performed by a medical director.