Telehealth Clinician

  • Ophelia
  • Remote
  • May 05, 2022
Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant

Job Description

Do you have an x-waiver and want to improve the lives of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)? Join Ophelia and help patients get access to the evidence-based, high-quality medication assisted treatment (MAT) they deserve. 
Fewer than 5% of eligible clinicians have an x-waiver. And only 50% of waivered clinicians prescribe buprenorphine at all. Ophelia wants to change that. We're looking for providers who want to put their x-waiver to use, provide patient-centered and non-judgmental care, and offer patients the treatment they need to stay well. 
Work with Ophelia part-time or full-time, on weekends or weekdays, always from home (we're a certified Great Place to Work). Our goal is to remove barriers to MAT access and that means creating a work environment that works for you.
As a Telehealth Clinician, you will evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with OUD under the guidance of Ophelia’s Medical Directors and in accordance with medical best practices. Your primary responsibilities will include MAT induction and stabilization via the Ophelia telehealth platform. You will be part of an integrated team of prescribing clinicians, nurses and care coordinators that, together, will provide patients with the highest-quality clinical care. The Ophelia support team will take care of scheduling, billing and other administrative logistics, thereby allowing you to do what you do best: see patients.

Key Responsibilities

    • Evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with OUD
    • Work collaborative as part of an integrated team-based model
    • Track clinical data in Ophelia’s internal EHR system in a timely manner
    • Participate in weekly case review meetings with the Ophelia clinical team
    • Provide non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing care to patients with OUD


    • DATA 2000 Buprenorphine Waiver
    • Licensed Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant
    • Experience treating patients with OUD
    • Able to offer high-quality, compassionate care to a diverse population

Here's What Ophelia Offers You

    • Mentorship from national MAT experts: meet weekly with our Medical Directors, attend monthly seminars, and discuss complicated cases with our clinical experts
    • A panel of motivated patients: work with patients that are driven to improve their OUD and love being part of Ophelia
    • Administrative support: outsource all scheduling, pharmacy, and administrative demands to our care coordinators
    • Referral network for mental health and psychosocial support: rely on our care coordinators to provide referrals and warm handoffs to external services
    • 21st century technology: forget cumbersome EHRs, faxing, and outdated systems. We’ve built our own EHR to ensure you have a smooth and easy charting experience
    • A say in what matters: help us build better services and products to ensure we always have happy clinicians and happy patients
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