Physician Leader, Cardiovascular Services

  • Surgical Care Affiliates
  • Remote
  • Sep 08, 2021
Physician Cardiology

Job Description

Today, SCA is more than an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) management company. We’re putting the pieces of the specialty care continuum together by supporting physician specialists more holistically in many aspects of patient care. We’re transforming care in our communities through partnerships that support clinical independence and align quality, connectivity, and value:

  • We connect patients to physicians in new and differentiated ways as part of Optum Care and with our new Surgical Management Solutions business.
  • We have pioneered a physician-led, MSO-model of practice management that restores physician agency by aligning incentives to support growth and transition to value.
  • We lead the industry in value-based solutions, and in early 2021, welcomed Global 1, a leading bundled payment convener to the SCA family.
  • We help physicians address everything beyond surgical procedures, including anesthesia and ancillary service lines.

We are seeking a dedicated Interventional Cardiologist Physician Leader who can partner with Operations, Clinical Leaders, Business Development, Strategy/Payer Engagement, and the Executive team to co-lead a new vertical cardiovascular (CV) business line at Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA). This leader will…

  • Assist with the overall strategic plan with the Executive team
  • Engage independent and employed interventional cardiologists, Electrophysiology (EP) physicians and vascular surgeons to join SCA to create an ambulatory CV service platform.
  • Collaborate to support the clinical and operations teams to set the appropriate quality, safety, and performance processes
  • Work with the payer and strategy team
  • Guide a cardiovascular service line for both the practice and facility strategies and operations which is expected to grow in complexity and volume inclusive of cardiac rhythm management procedures, cardiac catherization and intervention procedures and peripheral vascular diagnostic and intervention procedures.

Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Executive Team Engagement
    • Engage SCA’s Executive team to incorporate their direction and strategy to the development and leadership of a new service line. These executives include but may not be limited to: CEO, President, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, others to be determined.
    • Weekly or biweekly status updates as requested by team
  • Strategy and Development
    • Landscape review including MedAxiom report, proformas and CV services provided to date.
    • Assessment of ideal geographical locations for new CV sites, including but not limited to TX, FL, AZ and NJ. Inclusive of geographic setting analysis with respect to hospital proximity, population density, etc. 
    • Design engagement strategy to be attractive to independent cardiology clinicians and groups
      • Develop due diligence checklist for potential partnership targets
    • Partner to refine a business development approach/ deck that would be attractive to interventional cardiac rhythm management cardiologists
    • Review and refine proformas and business development documents providing unique perspective and insights on assumptions and expectations for the prospective partners and SCA/UHG
    • Support the business model development for new partnerships with cardiologists and surgeons
    • Partner with SCA legal and lobbyists, as appropriate, to advocate for the appropriate certificate of need, and ability to perform CV services in an ASC safely.
    • Work with SCA’s Payer Engagement group as requested
  • Implementation
    • Create the standardized protocols needed to
      • Optimize the volume and care delivery for an ASC currently doing one or more types of CV
      • Initiate new procedures and care delivery (de novo) for an ASC desiring to start CV services.
    • State the optimal workflow for Cardiac Rhythm Management, Peripheral Vascular procedures and intervention, Cardiac Cath procedures and interventions.
    • Outline infrastructure, equipment and building requirements
    • Create quality and safety checklist, data acquisition and reporting needs
    • Support the development of an outcomes, quality and safety database to follow results
    • Recommend registry participation as indicated
    • Identify, mentor and develop interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists and vascular surgeons who could potentially lead sub-CV Services at SCA in a part-time capacity.
    • Identify CV support personnel that would be suitable to grow this service line such as CV Operational VP/Director/Manager, Business Development Director/Manager and Nursing/Quality Director/Manager.
    • Build a group of interventional cardiologists and appropriate others, within the medical executive board structure with the CMO, to propose future directions for CV in the ambulatory surgical center setting.
    • Lead/Co-lead presentations to prospective partners, health systems, and health plans
    • Lead SCA’s adaptation and iteration as market dynamics, payment models, and technologies continue to evolve


  • Must be an actively-licensed physician (M.D.)
  • Have a national reputation for clinical excellence and/or as a physician leader in the CV space and the confidence of the cardiology community
  • Have healthcare management/leadership experience
  • Advocate for ambulatory surgery centers/office-based labs as an industry
  • Have firm grasp of healthcare industry landscape
  • Have ambulatory service migration experience
  • Be trusted by independent and employed practice physicians and be able to speak to appropriate clinical practices
  • Understand the inherent professional tensions between interventional and noninterventional cardiologists, EP physicians and vascular surgeons
  • Ability to connect with /engage private practice independent and employed cardiologists, EP physicians and vascular surgeons
  • Be responsive to requests from leadership and at the facility level
  • Be a team player
  • Be innovative
  • Charismatic and passionate about fulfilling SCA’s mission through CV practice and facility partnerships