Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (New York)

  • Mantra Health
  • Remote
  • Sep 28, 2021
Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry

Job Description

Mantra Health works to increase access to high-quality mental health services for college students through telehealth. Through this role, you will be joining a team seeking to provide wraparound services to address the growing demand of student mental health services. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you will provide therapeutic services that include; medication management, establishing open lines of communication to students with mental or emotional struggles, collaborating with additional treatment providers/university care team, completing necessary documentation, and attend provider meetings or supervision.


  • Diverse student population within the average age range of 16-22 years old struggling commonly with mood disturbances (anxiety/depression), adjustment disorders, ADHD symptoms, low acuity bipolar, and/or PTSD symptoms. 
  • Mantra Health does not treat severe mental illness (schizophrenia, psychosis, and severe substance use disorder). Referrals are provided with outside agencies by our care navigation team to ensure needed intensive treatment is accessible to these clients. 

About Mantra Health & Wellround Provider Group

Wellround Provider Group works exclusively with Mantra Health, a telemental health company. We've built a comprehensive treatment service for young adults with various mental health conditions, offering psychotherapy & psychiatry evaluations (if needed) and ongoing care by thoughtfully combining people, technology, and data. Mantra is founded by a Columbia University psychiatrist (Dr. Ravi Shah) and two former startup operators and venture capitalists. Wellround’s Medical Director is a psychiatrist who previously worked at both Colorado State University and Michigan State University (Dr. Nora Feldpausch).

Fast-growing agency serving nationally to promote optimal well-being and mental health for college students. Through innovative mental healthcare the Wellround Provider Group partners with Mantra Health by embracing the intricacies of mental health services that include, but are not limited to, telepsychiatry, teletherapy, symptom severity monthly assessments, psychological evaluations, and case management. A diverse team of mental health providers, clinical operations, engineering, and 24/7 support to ensure both staff and clients needs are met. 


  • Conduct 45 - 60 minute initial evaluation sessions, remotely, through HIPAA-compliant video
  • Conduct follow up visits using evidence-based practices, focused on medication management and lifestyle changes
  • Collaborate with Medical Director as needed
  • Collaborate and communicate with an interdisciplinary team of providers to share treatment plan information when needed

  • Implement services to ensure multiculturally competent care is delivered


  • Board-certified PMHNP
  • At least two years direct clinical experience outside training programs
  • Excellent writing skills for communicating with external partners and clients

  • Possesses quality computer connected video camera, and a good internet connection


  • Competitive pay as a contractor

  • Pick the hours you see clients that work best for you and your schedule
  • Clinical autonomy with clients. Use the evidence based practices that work best for your clients and for you as a mental health provider

  • Telehealth-specific medical malpractice insurance included at no cost to providers
  • Practice from the comfort of your home or office

  • Patient Navigator Service support to help clients who may need additional community supports, or local community-based referrals
  • Ability to practice measurement informed care, with scales collected digitally for you
  • Large focus on clinical work. No need to worry about referrals or overhead - we help build your caseload and support billing and insurance barriers and administrative duties

  • Insurance paneling service provided (credentialing paperwork is all done by our team!)
  • Collaboration platform to support information sharing and communication with other medical provider in the care of the patient
  • Best-in-class all-in-one platform for seamless telemental health, messaging patients, and analytics and caseload tracking