Lecturer in Psychology

  • Welltech
  • Remote
  • Mar 14, 2023

Job Description

Welltech creates mobile applications for Health & Fitness. Today we have 10+ products (Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Walking and so on) downloaded for 150 millions times by people all over the globe.

The Health & Fitness sphere is very sensitive, so are our users, so it’s crucial that we provide high-quality and safe content for our users. We have our own medical board with 100+ specialists for the content double-checking and evidence-based requirements to everyone we work with.

What is the project about

We create educational and practical video-courses about nutrition, fitness, good sleep, and other topics around health and wellness. Our goal is to educate women and men around the world about how to keep calm on body changing, how to achieve healthy goals without restrictions but with gentle care towards yourself.

The next course is about sticking up to healthy habits and getting rid of damaging ones with the little help of neuroscience, and more than that – thoughtful planning and careful attitude.

Qualifications / features we require

  • Proven valid certifications / license of a psychologist / psychotherapist / consultant / social worker
  • 7+ years as a personal therapist / consultant for adults
  • Strong understanding of evidence-based medicine principles
  • Generous will to make people’s lives better with science and medical knowledge


  • Working with the topic on eating disorders
  • Master's or Ph.D. in psychological field
  • Experience in video production, or lecturing
  • An advantage from your side is the possibility to make a good quality video and find a professional team in your location. We offer an extra budget for a video-production and your organizational part of work. If it’s somehow impossible – we’ll find a solution.

What we offer

  • Reaching out to global audience – our apps got 150+ million downloads worldwide
  • Trustworthy content created and approved by certified specialists
  • High educational quality of the final product, created by professional online-education methodologists
  • Fair compensation

Major responsibilities

1) Review / edit the content

As a speaker of the course, you should be responsible for every word said.

2) Deliver the course through video lessons.

The courses are created by certified experts and methodologists, you might change anything that seems to be unfamiliar with your experience and add the examples from your practice.

This is a project / freelance remote position. In the future, it might be possible to design campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Your application must include

  • CV
  • Proof of current certification / license

Candidate journey: ️ Application —–> Short test task —–> ️ Collaborative call

Our products:

Yoga Go — bit.ly/appleYogaGo / bit.ly/androidYogaGo

Muscle Booster — bit.ly/appleMB / bit.ly/androidMBapp

Don’t hesitate to send us your CV!

Let’s create a perfect course for millions of users together!