Medical Director (Medical Group)

  • Miga Health
  • Remote
  • Oct 02, 2022
Physician Cardiology Internal Medicine

Job Description

Bottom line up front:

  • Early-stage digital health company, have raised a $12 million seed round.
  • Co-Founders are seasoned operators who’ve built and grown companies before. 
  • Founders believe in the critical importance of top-notch clinical talent and leadership in the medical group.
  • Miga Health helps people lead longer, healthier lives, using at-home blood pressure monitoring, telemedicine, mail-order pharmacy, and lifestyle coaching. 
  • Remote team from day one, supporting physicians all across the United States.

What will I do?

We exist to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and reduce suffering and death. Fundamentally that is what you will do, too! The problem is complex and mind bendingly difficult, but if you’re a purpose-driven individual who likes challenges, then you’ll love working with Miga Health.

As Medical Director of Miga Health’s medical group, you will be responsible for launching our new offerings in heart health. You will be responsible for building a best-in-class clinical program across clinical protocols, oversight, and staffing. One of our Co-Founders, Jarrad, trained as a physician. Because of this, we understand the value that clinical leaders bring to the table. We’re excited for the opportunity for you to build the medical group and advance the future of heart health.

Some of the things you’ll do:

  • Refine and expand the heart health clinical framework and implement clinical protocols and guidelines, including the diagnostic evaluation and the online patient consultation.
  • Oversight of policies, procedures, and other medical group activities like billing.
  • Partner to help pilot, test, and roll-out new initiatives designed to enhance quality of care and improve consumer experience.
  • Review sample consults to provide feedback and coaching to healthcare providers; consolidate learnings from consult reviews and organize continuing education.
  • Hire, train, and manage healthcare providers.
  • Be available for consultation with healthcare providers and if needed perform consults.
  • Collaborate with medical advisors and Miga Health on patient outcomes research, publications, blog content, and more. 

What is the medical group looking for?

Some of the things that the medical group is looking for in candidates:

  • MD or DO with Board Certification in Internal Medicine or Cardiology
  • At least two years of experience working in telemedicine
  • Proven experience coaching and/or managing healthcare providers
  • Multiple state licenses 

Who is Miga Health?

At Miga Health, we are building the future of heart health. We exist to help people lead the long, healthy lives they deserve, by preventing the next million heart attacks and strokes.

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 1 in 3 deaths. What’s crazy is that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable, so the opportunity for improvement is astounding. 

Our founders are purpose-driven and values-aligned. We strive everyday to build a culture where people aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, challenge the unacceptable, and always think about how consumers will feel. 

We’ve just raised a large seed round, and are in that fun phase of rapid experimentation, which means we’re looking for people and partners who are comfortable with ambiguity, change, and uncertainty. 

What is Miga Health building?

We are building a heart health platform that will combine world-class consumer product with innovative and rigorous healthcare delivery. At the outset this will include at-home blood pressure monitoring, delivered through a native mobile experience, and coupled with telemedicine consultations, mail-order pharmacy, and lifestyle coaching.

Who is Miga Health’s customer?

We put the consumer at the center of everything we do, constantly asking ourselves the question — “how does this person feel?” 

To that end, we’ve conducted dozens and dozens of interviews with people to learn about their lives living with cardiovascular disease. All these interviews have been recorded and transcribed, and we’ve synthesized them into insights (in Dovetail) that we can share with you as part of any interview process. We’ve also interviewed many primary care physicians and cardiologists.

What compensation and benefits are included?

We are embarking on an ambitious journey both at Miga Health and the medical group. For those who join the team, there is excellent pay and generous benefits, even at this early stage.

  • Competitive salary packages and career development opportunities
  • 100% coverage on health, dental, and vision premiums
  • Work remotely and design your days how you like.
  • A powerful Macbook Pro to do your best work.