Heartbeat Health

Heartbeat Health is the first telemedicine and virtual care platform built by cardiologists for cardiologists.

Created by leading cardiologist Dr. Jeff Wessler and a team of innovative technologists, Heartbeat Health is a full-service telemedicine platform that connects patients, doctors, employers, and long-term care facilities in a simple, groundbreaking service.

Oct 11, 2022
Heartbeat Health Remote
About Us   Heartbeat Health is a venture-backed health tech startup in New York. We are working to deliver the most effective, efficient, and engaging virtual heart care in the world. By 2030, over 40% of the US population will have heart disease, with direct and indirect costs approaching $1 trillion USD. Heart disease may be the most important health crisis we confront in our time.     Heartbeat addresses this problem via virtual cardiology services that include diagnostic interpretation, telecardiology, and procedural referrals to bring virtual-first care to cardiology, and improve the outcomes and efficiency for cardiac patients.     Our team consists of passionate and proven physicians, engineers, scientists, designers, and founders attacking this problem from first principles, applying human-centered design, and developing evidence-based AI to solve this global issue. We collaborate with the American College of...