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The experience of every cancer patient is a powerful legacy. Each patient’s story has the unique potential to teach us something new about the way cancer works, and help us find more effective treatments, faster.

At Flatiron, we believe that learning from the experience of every cancer patient is an imperative — it is the key to accelerating research and continuing to improve the quality of care. What stands in the way is an overwhelming technology challenge: Much of the available, real-world clinical data is unstructured and stored across thousands of disconnected community clinics, medical centers and hospitals. It is a problem that we believe we can solve.

May 25, 2022
Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant
Flatiron Health Remote
We are looking for certified tumor registrars, registered nurses, physician assistants, or those with equivalent backgrounds who are fluent in oncology terminology to help us interpret and organize clinical oncology data, as well as help us accomplish our mission to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient. Here's what you need to know about the role, our team, and why Flatiron Health is the right next step in your career.  What You'll Do In this role, you’ll primarily abstract data from electronic medical records and use our proprietary software system to enter the data into our database. You would also be responsible for providing feedback to our team about the software that you are using. As an abstractor you will:  Help generate robust data sets by extracting key data points from electronic health records using Flatiron’s proprietary software system Maintain a high level of performance, as measured by passing...