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Aug 28, 2022
Healthfirst Remote
The Medical Peer Reviewer plays a critical role in consulting on medical necessity in the context of utilization management and ensuring adherence to internal Healthfirst and external regulations. The Medical Peer Reviewer schedule requires 5 hours a day Monday - Friday. The peak hours of the business are 10:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. and the Medical Peer Reviewer is required to work his/her 5 hours during the core hours to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. The role has some flexibility within the prescribed time frame. At least one weekend a month is required. If this is the case, the Medical Peer Reviewer will be off in the immediate week after. (Example: If a Medical Peer Reviewer works a total of 10 hours over the weekend, he/she will have day(s) off in the immediate days following.) Duties/Responsibilities: • The Medical Peer Reviewer will assess/review requests for authorization, and claims payment, based on medical records and...