Thanks for your interest in BetterMedics. We are launching a six-month private research study in order to test new healthcare delivery models within the home. The pilot census will begin with 150 home-bound patients, of which the median age is 71 and 85% have at least two chronic illnesses. We believe that a 24-hour care line approach will strengthen home-support, improve quality of life and avoid unnecessary ER visits.

Jul 26, 2022
BetterMedics Remote
BetterMedics is seeking an experienced Physician to provide patient care via our proprietary telehealth platform. This position is an on-call, remote job opportunity, where pay is provided even if the Physician does not take a call. This position provides generous flexibility and a team-coverage method for scheduling work hours. The ideal candidate must have an active license in the state of Ohio. Perks Pay: $20 per hour for on-call time plus $125 per active call. Work remotely! Flexible scheduling with 12-hour shift blocks, running 24/7. Ability to schedule up to 24 hours consecutively. Get paid for on-call time, not just the time that you take patient calls. Responsibilities Your primary job is to answer video calls from patients, resulting in a succinct care plan and/or connect the patient to the next line of care. In addition to care calls, we expect clinicians to follow up with the patients in order to make sure all of their...