Headlands Addiction Treatment Services

Headlands ATS is the industry leader in providing medical and psychiatric services to addiction treatment programs. Our comprehensive, professional services integrate addiction medicine, psychiatry, and primary care into a complete package to serve all your client's needs. Successful partnerships with treatment programs requires understanding the unique needs of programs and the patients they serve. Our specialized focus is treatment programs; it's the only setting we work in. Our services are professional, responsive, organized and ethical. Customer service is a top priority; program and patient satisfaction is integral to our business model. Headlands ATS is bringing addiction treatment into a new era of better quality services, evidenced based practices, and improved patient outcomes on par with other medical specialties.

Comprehensive Professional Medical and Psychiatric Services:

  • Safe, humane, and effective medical withdrawal management
  • Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT)
  • Psychiatric medication management and diagnosis
  • Primary Care and Urgent Care

Organized and Responsive Delivery of Services:

  • Admissions daily until 3AM
  • Scheduled patient follow-up care with on-demand availability
  • Most admissions evaluated within 1-2 hours of arrival on-site
  • Comprehensive documentation with quick turn-around - Regularly scheduled clinical team meetings
  • Utilization review and peer review support

Additional Services at no added cost:

  • Risk management support
  • Regulatory compliance support and consultation
  • Regular trainings for your program staff on addiction, clinical, and risk issues.
  • Operational support related to delivery of medical services

No other medical group comes close to offering the variety of services, organization, customer service, cost effectiveness, and overall quality that Headlands provides.

Jul 18, 2022
Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant
$120,000 - $140,000 yearly
Headlands Addiction Treatment Services Remote
Are you seeking integrity, purpose, and meaning in your work? Would you like to make an impact toward improving access to quality addiction medicine services? Consider joining the Headlands ATS provider team. Headlands Addiction Treatment Services is an industry leader in providing addiction and psychiatric services to treatment centers. Our mission is to improve the standards of patient care that exist in residential and outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs. Our group is comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals who are passionate about delivering evidenced based patient care, education, and organizational improvements to a historically underserved patient population. Why work with Headlands? - Work with a company that makes integrity, patient safety, and quality care a priority. - Excellent oversight, supervision and guidance from experienced APP and physician level providers - Comprehensive training in addiction medicine and mental...