Aila Health is an AI-powered precision health management platform delivering patient centered care to chronicillness patients. We are on a mission to transform the patient experience by providing comprehensive wholeperson care to people living with chronic illnesses, starting with autoimmune disease and long COVID patients.

Nov 01, 2022
Aila Health Remote
Aila Health is a virtual, integrative specialty care company for patients living with autoimmune diseases. Our data-driven platform helps our care teams deliver personalized, whole person care that meets patients where they are with better care coordination, remote monitoring, personalized health coaching and clinical recommendations. We believe integrating nutrition, behavioral health, physical health and specialty care drives better outcomes for patients while lowering costs.   Aila Health was founded to make invisible illnesses visible and to advance clinical outcomes for people living with complex chronic illness. Aila Health is committed to advancing health equity by generating more evidence about this area of women’s health and for people living inflammatory conditions.   How will my time be spent? Patient Visits Extended virtual intake visit, with subsequent visits every 3-6 months depending on patient acuity Asynchronous...