Our purpose is to reduce health inequities by finding and engaging high-risk, hard-to-reach individuals and equipping them to thrive. Our teams of dedicated care providers deliver telehealth-enabled, hands-on clinical care wherever individuals are, enable them to access social and other community-based resources, and bring guidance and compassionate support every step of the way. Our multidisciplinary approach is designed to untangle and address complex clinical, behavioral, and social needs and to create personalized, comprehensive care plans. We partner with Medicaid and Medicare plans and bring flexible, scalable solutions for improving member health and reducing inappropriate utilization.

May 16, 2022
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
MedZed Remote
Position: Licensed Social Worker - Temp to possible Full Time MedZed is the medical office of the twenty-first century, delivering care into the homes of patients with complex medical and social needs. Our multi-channel engagement approach is consistently reaching at or above 50% of members that cannot or have not been engaged through standard outreach campaigns. We utilize community health navigators and nurses in-the-home linked to MedZed primary care providers, over an intelligent member-centric telehealth platform, to deliver care and manage patient outcomes. Our care model is scalable and customizable to individual client and patient needs. A Licensed Social Worker is a professional who helps individuals and families improve their quality of life by ensuring access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and safety. The social worker works in partnership with their patients and families to achieve better lives by analyzing the environment, relationships, systems, and...