Alsana is an eating recovery community and treatment provider that helps adult clients of all genders achieve lasting eating disorder recovery and whole health.

We offer clients individualized, holistic 

treatment programming that is built on the foundation of our Adaptive Care Model®. this allows our treatment teams to address and help heal all areas of clients’ lives- including relational and movement-related challenges that often go untreated with traditional ED care models.

With in-person programs in California, Alabama, and Missouri, and virtual programs that serve clients across the U.S., our compassionate team of eating disorder treatment professionals is committed to meeting each unique client where they are in their recovery journey.

Jul 14, 2022
Alsana Remote
Alsana is a n eating disorder  recovery community with  multiple  locations nationwide . W e provide superior and committed care to help those on their journey to a healthy and successful recovery.   From the Latin roots meaning “all” or “total health,” Alsana offers a new philosophy of care centered on our clients’ full well-being. We address the aspects of eating disorders that often go untreated in traditional recovery programs.   Our culture creates a working environment of communication, collaboration,  compassion,  and integrity—all of which are necessary to craft unique treatment plans tailored to our clients’ needs and outcomes.   The Role   As the  Psychiatrist  at  Alsana , you will  develop and implement policies and clinical management procedures.   You  will oversee the delivery of medical services within the...