Sketchy is an online visual learning platform that helps students and professionals effortlessly learn and recall information by taking advantage of art, story, and the method of loci.

We craft our videos, our sketches, our scripts, our material, and our experience to be unique. Our dedication to quality lends itself to creating highly accurate and trustworthy resources. It's this commitment to quality that makes learning with Sketchy incredibly efficient and effective.

May 20, 2022
Sketchy Remote
About Sketchy: Sketchy is a revolutionary visual learning platform. We turn complex subjects into engaging visual stories that you’ll remember forever. Through a combination of art, science, and technology, our lessons help students effortlessly learn and recall information and score higher on exams. Sketchy is used by students at every medical school in America. 90% of Sketchy medical students report higher test scores. 94%  of users say studying with Sketchy saves time. 78% of users say Sketchy improves their recall speed. 300,000  students are now doctors thanks to Sketchy. Sketchy was founded in 2013 when four medical students began creating sketched stories to help them memorize complicated viruses. Since then, Sketchy has applied the same visual learning techniques to a variety of subjects, and become a premier learning destination for students around the world. Sketchy is a TCG (The Chernin Group) portfolio company (alongside...