For decades, patients and caregivers have experienced firsthand that only a select few ALS patients have access to the best clinics, testing and treatment options. We were told not to waste our time trying to understand our particular version of ALS but instead accept a care system and generic therapies that did nothing to change the outcome of the disease.

Like cancer before, a better way is now possible for all ALS patients. Thanks to advances in science, technology and computational analytics we are beginning to be able to identify and treat each patient’s unique disease. Synapticure was built by leading patient and caregiver advocates alongside leading ALS clinicians, biotech executives and telemedicine executives to bring the ALS care and treatment experience into the 21st century.

Dec 11, 2022
Synapticure Remote
Synapticure, a venture-backed startup, is recruiting neurologists to provide clinical care to ALS patients through our affiliate telemedicine platform, CareND.  Synapticure aims to provide every ALS patient end-to-end clinical care and treatment, using our novel telemedicine platform in partnership with traditional brick and mortar ALS clinics and physicians, to improve care for all patients and guide them through their entire care journey. We are devoted to helping patients, from guidance on care and insurance to providing the full spectrum of investigational and clinical testing to improve outcomes. We are committed to using this information to provide the patient and the clinician a clear understanding of the patient’s unique subtype of ALS and decision making support for clinical trials or therapies that are based on that subtype.   The telemedicine neurologist will be responsible for synchronous video / voice and asynchronous communications with...