Landmark is a mobile provider group. We bring medical care into the homes of adults with chronic illnesses. We help our patients reach their personal health and life goals from the comfort of home, with fewer hospital stays. Our physician-led interdisciplinary teams deliver in-home primary and urgent care – responding 24/7 and in coordination with patients' existing primary care providers. And our model has demonstrated meaningful results, such as a 15 to 25% reduction in hospital admissions, a 26% reduction in mortality rates, and a 20% reduction in costs.

Jan 13, 2022
Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant
Landmark Health Remote
Overview Do you want to make a difference in healthcare? Landmark Health was created to transform how healthcare is delivered to the most medically vulnerable members in our community. Our medical group provides home-based medical care to chronically ill patients, many of whom are ill-equipped to navigate our overwhelming healthcare system. Because many of our patients are frail and elderly, we deliver care primarily in the comfort of their home. Our Program is also offered to eligible patients at no incremental financial cost to them . We are not a fee-for-service practice; we benefit economically only if we deliver high-quality patient outcomes and satisfaction. As a result, our clinical teams can spend quality-time caring for a smaller number of patients, giving all patients the space, respect, compassion and care they deserve. At Landmark, our interdisciplinary teams collaboratively manage our complex patient panels. These teams are led by Physicians, Nurse...