Lucid Lane provides a comprehensive telehealth solution for pain, mental health, and substance use to help people live a better and healthier life. Our mission at Lucid Lane is to be embedded in clinical pathways in collaboration with hospitals, surgeons, and doctors to treat patients who need help with acute and chronic pain management and co-occurring mental health and substance use (opioid, benzo, and alcohol) issues. Lucid Lane solution consists of dedicated licensed therapists providing mind-body individualized therapy, medication tapering planning, and medication-assisted treatment in over 35 states. In addition, our patients can join virtual video-based support groups moderated by our counselors. We also offer 24/7 In-the-Moment chat and daily messaging support. We continuously monitor our patients for pain, mental health, emotional well-being, quality of life, and functioning and raise alerts in real-time to provide help proactively when you need it as well as personalize the treatment plan to serve the evolving needs of our patients. We have clinical outcomes metrics demonstrating the efficacy of our program that we can share with you.