At Stork Club, we provide next-gen inclusive maternity benefits to help employers attract and retain talent while reducing their overall birth-related healthcare spend and improving clinical outcomes (e.g., fewer multiple births, lower NICU spend, fewer unnecessary C-sections, faster return to work after birth).

Our mission is to help men and women focus on their professional lives without sacrificing their families and have children whenever they're ready.

Nov 29, 2021
Registered Nurse
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About us At Stork Club, we want to give EVERYONE the ability to have a healthy family. We are a next-generation maternity benefits provider that helps mid-market and large enterprises attract top diverse talent, drive better clinical outcomes and reduce their largest area of healthcare cost (~$130B per year). We have a Stripe-like ambition to rebuild health insurance from the inside-out while providing continuous support and love for everyone on their family-building journey. Trusted by leading employers, we exited 2020 with 5x growth and raised a $30M Series A led by General Catalyst. One of our members recently told us “I'm so happy that my company switched to Stork Club before I quit trying. The level of care I got after the switch was leaps and bounds better than any care I'd received prior and I totally attribute our success to Stork Club and our clinic.” Our teams are small and we hire only the best. We're looking for people who appreciate the dedication...