DermatologistOnCall is the largest network of board-certified dermatologists delivering online dermatology care, both through its open network and strategic relationships. Partnered with MDLIVE, Amwell, Walgreens, L’Oreal, DermTech, Zerigo Health, and other leading organizations in telemedicine and dermatology, we connect our provider network to millions of Americans seeking help for conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.

Our store-and-forward platform enables our providers to deliver comprehensive, clinically appropriate care. Because we understand the importance of continuity of care in dermatology, patients are encouraged to see their online dermatologist as many times as needed.

Aug 03, 2022
DermatologistOnCall Remote
DermatologistOnCall is the national leader in delivering online dermatology care. Founded and built by and for dermatologists, we are focused on offering excellent specialty medicine through our platform. Because of this commitment to dermatology, we have experienced exceptional growth over the past year and expect this trend to continue for years to come. We are seeking highly qualified, US board-certified dermatologists to join our provider network to meet the demands of our rapidly increasing patient population. DOC dermatologists are independent contractors practicing remotely. Consults are conducted asynchronously through our online portal. Our physicians practice medicine on our platform and can treat over 3,000 conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. Network providers have the flexibility to treat patients during the hours that work best for their schedule and the freedom to combine their own experience and knowledge as dermatologists with AAD-best practices to engage...