CirrusMD is a telemedicine provider, but probably not the kind that first comes to mind. For starters, our board-certified physicians begin every episode of care over chat, only transitioning to video or audio when necessary. Text messaging is the go-to mode of communication for most Americans, prized for its immediacy, convenience, ubiquity and discretion. We provide our service exclusively through self-funded employers, brokers and health plans rather than directly to consumers. That way, our service can be bundled into employee and member benefits that are often partially or fully subsidized. Not surprisingly, because CirrusMD doesn’t require an appointment or wait times, can be used anytime from anywhere, and is very affordable, it also tends to get used more frequently than other telemedicine services. Our customers see utilization rates 10x higher than industry averages, and our 80 net promoter score attests to our high quality of care. If you’d like to learn more about CirrusMD, visit us at or ask your broker.