HealthTap understands why most doctors became doctors in the first place — to help people live their healthiest lives. Our mission is to provide real-time access to high-quality, affordable, accessible health information and health care for everyone. 

We have built the world's best digital health platform that enables and empowers doctors to provide the best care possible, and supports their continued advancement in medical knowledge, science, and technology. 

All doctors who give one-on-one virtual healthcare in the HealthTap Medical Group are also members of the HealthTap Doctor Network. If you haven’t yet joined this network of more than 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties who volunteer to share their knowledge with millions of HealthTap members and other doctors, please consider joining the HealthTap Doctor network so you can experience for yourself what we’re all about.

Nov 01, 2022
HealthTap Remote
Are you a U.S. primary care physician who is passionate about providing the best care to your patients? Are you excited about creating a new virtual care practice and providing your panel of HealthTap patients with ongoing primary care? Would you like to use a state-of-the-art digital health platform to deliver quality healthcare by video, voice, and text chat from your smartphone, tablet, or computer? Would you like the freedom to practice from anywhere you have a good Internet connection? Does participating in a new model of virtual primary care and having an impact at the leading edge of medicine thrill you? Would you like to join our amazing team of doctors, healthcare workers, and technologists who created a unique platform that empowers you to provide high-quality, compassionate, affordable, and convenient virtual primary healthcare? If you answered "YES!" to all of the above, we’d love to hear from you! Full-time and part-time contract positions (minimum...