CHE Behavioral Health Services

CHE Behavioral Health Services is a leading provider of behavioral health services since 1995. Behavioral health specialists employed by CHE are assigned to over 1,000 long-term care facilities in NY, NJ, PA, CA, GA, TN, KY and CT, including skilled nursing facilities, community-based adult homes, assisted-living settings, adult day care, and rehabilitation centers. They provide comprehensive behavioral health services to improve the quality of life of residents and assist the interdisciplinary care team in achieving best person-centered care practices. We have developed a reputation for employing professionals of the highest level of competence, compassion, and integrity. Our staff is comprised of over Interested 700 psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and related mental health professionals with expertise in psychological assessment, neuropsychological testing, and major psychotherapeutic modalities -- including cognitive, behavioral, insight-oriented, and supportive -- group therapy, and behavioral health services. Our trained professionals treat such major problems as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, psychosis, and behavioral disturbances. In addition, they provide behavioral interventions for such medical problems as non-compliance, hypertension, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and obesity.