The Top 5 Most Innovative Telemedicine Companies of 2021

The Top 5 Most Innovative Telemedicine Companies of 2021

Telemedicine is an innovative field, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Our goal is to help telemedicine professionals find rewarding work that meets their lifestyle needs. 

The growing demand for telemedicine, and the proliferation of new technologies to deliver this service, is one of the most remarkable modern-day success stories in health care. There is much to be said about the innovation and creativity that surrounds the telemedicine industry, and in particular, how it has grown in recent years. Here is our list of the top five most innovative telemedicine companies of 2021. And the best part? If you’re looking for telemedicine career opportunities, many of these telemedicine companies are hiring!

Telemedicine for anxiety is not new but renewed focus on ketamine therapy has spurred online providers to offer this treatment virtually. Psychedelic medicine startup Mindbloom offers telemedicine ketamine treatment programs for anxiety and depression. Ketamine may produce a unique antidepressant response through its actions in the brain that reduce depression symptoms. Ketamine works differently from most commonly prescribed antidepressants. The current theory is that ketamine appears to be able to increase the number of connections between brain cells (or neurons). The effects of oral ketamine are felt almost immediately and can last up to two hours. Although to date Mindbloom has occupied a singular position in the space, another online ketamine clinic, KetaMD has also recently entered the field. The KetaMD website states that they are currently keeping a waitlist for a launch later this year.

Babylon is becoming one of the world’s biggest data-driven healthcare companies, allowing physicians to harness the revolutionary power of artificial intelligence. As founder Dr. Ali Parsa told us in our interview with him last year, “We do far more than telemedicine - we use the power of AI to increase access, put more information in the hands of people, ensure earlier opportunities for intervention and as a result improve treatment outcomes and help to reduce costs.” Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect inappropriate prescriptions in elderly patients, assess stroke risk and detect bite wounds that can lead to infection. The company is using AI to learn from every consultation, allowing the technology to improve exponentially over time.

For women in menopause, their symptoms aren’t just a nuisance - it can be a quality of life issue. And one that their primary care physician may be uneducated on. Gennev is a menopause telemedicine platform that provides comprehensive care for women in various stages of menopause. Since starting, the company has provided care for women all across the U.S., including women who live in remote areas where access to medical care is limited. Gennev was founded by former Microsoft executive Jill Angelo with a mission to be “the women's health platform for the second half of life.” And going by the Gennev reviews, Gennev’s online hormone replacement therapy and natural supplements are filling a need that has gone underserved for far too long.

Until recently, patients seeking a telehealth gender clinic providing telehealth HRT may have been hard pressed to find the care they need. Finding a doctor who prescribed the proper hormone therapy, provided the proper referrals and understood the patient’s specific needs was difficult. That was until two physicians – Dr. Jerrica Kirkley and Dr. Matthew Wetschler founded Plume, a unique transgender telemedicine service. Because of the complex and time-consuming nature of finding a doctor who understands transgender issues, many patients hold off on hormone therapy until they find just the right practitioner. The process is likely to take months while being forced to rely on local resources and options that may have included long commutes, inconsistent coverage, or rejection of limited services. With Plume, members pay just $99 a month for 24/7 access to care and lab work four times a year. With a recent raise of $14 million in venture capital funding, the future definitely looks bright for this vital and innovative resource for the transgender community.

One has to wonder what the future of medicine will look like. With advances in virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence, innovative companies are creating immersive experiences that change the way we interact with technology. XRHealth is an innovative telemedicine physical and behavioral health therapy company that utilizes virtual reality technology as well as artificial intelligence to provide patients with the best available care without leaving their home. Their virtual clinic gives patients a greater level of care than they have ever experienced before. Patients are mailed a user-friendly VR headset which they then use to connect with care providers located around the world. If you’re looking for telehealth physical therapy jobs or telehealth behavioral therapy jobs, it may be time to enter the virtual world! 

As an industry, telemedicine is maturing and growing by leaps and bounds. As those advancements continue to take place, the medical community looks forward to the possibilities of what technology can do for increasing patient access to quality care, reducing costs, and removing barriers for people due to geographic restrictions. We’re excited to see what the future brings and will keep you updated on future developments!